WP Staffing Customizer for WP Job Manager

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Last Updated 29 Aug, 2018
Released 28 Aug, 2018
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Add Profession and Specialty taxonomies to WP Job Manager along with many other customizations. Create a job board fit for a staffing agency on your WordPress site. This plugin is an add on for the excellent WP Job Manager.


Add extra filters to your job search form and taxonomies to your job listing: * Professions * Specialties

Add extra fields to the job listing: * Recruiter * NOTE: Add more fields with the pro plugin.

Set global information for all job listings: * Company Name * Company Logo * Company Website

About Us

WP Staffing is where the folks at Staffing Nerd present helpful tools for staffing agencies. Staffing Nerd is a digital marketing agency focused on the staffing industry. We’ve built tons of job boards, ATS integrations, and online marketing campaigns for large and small staffing companies. In order to create the perfect WordPress solution, we built upon the incredibly popular and developer friendly WP Job Manager. WP Job Manager is geared more for websites that want have a paid job board feature, so we added functionality that is perfect for staffing companies to host jobs on their WordPress site.

If you need any help with installation or further customization feel free to reach out to us at WP Staffing or via email info@wp-staffing.com

Pro Version

For even more options, check out the Pro version to add these options:

Added extra fields to the job listing: * Branch * Work Start * Shift Information * Job Source Information

Easily Hide Data from your job listing page: * Posted Date * City * Company Name * Company Logo * Company Website * Company Twitter * Tagline

This plugin also hooks in to the WP Job Manager Applications plugin to track candidate analytics tags. Find out where your leads are coming from: * UTM_source * UTM_medium * UTM_campaign

Widget areas for the job search page and job listing page.

Change your layout between grid, list, 2 column easily.

Customize the colors in your job search widget with a color picker.

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