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Author Lee Hodson
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Type Free
Current Version 1.2.4
Last Updated 09 Sep, 2016
Released 01 Jul, 2016
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WP Notices is a flexible way to display notices to readers.

Notices can be targeted by WordPress user role (admin, editor, contributor, author, subscriber, reader, anon or any other configured role), by WordPress capabilities (manage_plugins, read, delete_pages or any other configured capability) or targeted at a specific user.

Notice messages can be displayed as text or each message can be automatically converted to a PNG image. Useful for displaying advisory notices that you prefer search engines do not index as text. Useful for creating post images on the fly. The image directory is wiped periodically so download and move images to your WordPress media library if you want to keep them (remember to add them to the post as images from the media library).

The time or period of display can be set using natural language. Display notices forever (by leaving out a start and end time period), from a set start time to an open ended end date, for a specific day, range of days for one time or ad infinnitum. For example start=”Thursday 8am” End=”Friday” would display a notice every Thursday from 8am until start of Friday or start=”Thursday 8am” End=”Friday 4:30pm” would display a notice every Thursday from 8am until 4:30pm Friday; you can even say start=”Wednesday 1st June 2016 8am” End=”Friday 24th June 2016″.

The notice can be styled to change its appearance. There are four inbuilt style classes (alert-success, alert-info, alert-warning and alert-danger).

There is a help message built into WP Notices. When using the WP Notices shortcode set help=\true\ to display the help information.

WP Notices is written to be used to display notices to specific users, user groups or to all readers. It can easily also be used as a flexible lightweight way to show page content to specific users (the style classes are optional) or as a membership plugin (though you would need to configure your membership roles manually).

WP Notices has been tested. It is known to work. If you find a bug, let us know. Support will be provided to fix bugs. We are busy with regular work duties so support may be slow on occasion and anyone who does not read the FAQs before posting a support request will be promptly pointed to read the FAQs.

How to Use

See FAQ section for instructions.

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