WP Express Checkout (Accept Payments Easily)

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Last Updated 13 May, 2022
Released 24 Dec, 2019
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This plugin provides you a shortcode to generate a customizable PayPal payment button that allows a customer to pay for an item instantly via a popup window using the PayPal’s Express Checkout API/Gateway. The checkout process is quick and easy.

The full checkout takes place in a payment popup window and the customer never leaves your site. It creates a fast and elegant checkout experience.

This is ideal for selling a product or service via PayPal.

There is also an option for WooCommerce. So you can use this plugin to add PayPal Express Checkout gateway to WooCommerce.

This plugin works with PayPal’s Pay in 4 (Buy Now, Pay Later) feature also. It lets your customers pay later in 4 installments.

View configuration and usage details on the WP Express Checkout plugin’s documentation page.

Checkout Demonstration

Basic Setup and Usage Video


  • Sell products or services using a quick and easy checkout process.
  • Accept PayPal donations with minimum donation amount limit.
  • Sell downloads, files, or any digital goods.
  • Sell music, video, ebook, PDF or any other digital media files.
  • Allow the customers to automatically download the file once the purchase is completed via PayPal.
  • You can deliver the digital downloads using encrypted download links that expire automatically.
  • Offer Buy Now Pay Later payment option to your customers.
  • Accept Payments via Venmo easily. Your customers can pay using the Venmo option.
  • View the transactions from your WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Option to configure a notification email to be sent to the buyer and the seller after the purchase.
  • Ability to set a product thumbnail for a product.
  • Use a simple shortcode to add a payment button anywhere on your site.
  • Create a PayPal payment button widget and add it to your site’s sidebar.
  • Ability for a customer to enter an amount and pay what they want for a product.
  • Ability to configure variable products. You can charge different amount for different options of the product.
  • Can be used to accept donations.
  • Option to configure a minimum donation amount so the customers have to pay a minimum amount for donation.
  • Option to customize the currency formatting.
  • Stock control option. You can limit the number of quantity available for a product.
  • Option to charge shipping for your items. Ability to set a shipping cost for each item separately.
  • Option to charge tax for your items.
  • Option to configure discount coupon codes.
  • Option to configure terms and conditions before checkout.
  • You can see all the orders within your WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Option to customize the Thank You page.
  • Ability to configure the download links to expire after X number of hours.
  • Ability to configure the download links to expire after X number of clicks.
  • Option to Integrate it with WooCommerce to offer product checkout via PayPal’s express checkout system.

The setup is very easy. Once you have installed the plugin, all you need to do is enter your PayPal Express Checkout API credentials in the plugin settings and your website will be ready to accept PayPal and credit card payments.

You can also accept payment using PayPal’s Pay in 4 feature (buy now pay later offering). Read the Buy Now, Pay Later Tutorial to learn more.

Shortcode Attributes

This plugin adds the following shortcode to your site:

[wp_express_checkout id=”123″]

Or use the following shortcode to output product details and the express checkout payment button:

[wp_express_checkout id=”123″ template=”1″]

You can also test it on PayPal Sandbox mode before going Live.


View this usage documentation page for additional info.

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