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Last Updated 07 Mar, 2011
Released 07 Mar, 2011
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This plugin allows a WordPress site to interface with Convore (

The plugin will create a Convore topic for each WordPress post and link to the Convore topic at the bottom of the post content.

The plugin can optionally replace the comments section of the post with the Convore discussion which will be updated in real time via AJAX.

The plugin also has a WordPress widget that allows you to display the number of Convore users logged in who are members of your site’s group and display the avatar image and username of the first 10 users.


After the plugin is installed you must go to the Convore settings menu which will be installed by the plugin and enter your Convore username and password. Once you save the page you will have a drop-down list of Convore groups which you have created (if you don’t have one for your blog, go to Convore and create a new group first). You can then configure the plugin’s default behavior.

  • Disable SSL certificate checking

This option specifies whether to enforce SSL certificate checking or not. This might be necessary to disable for some shared hosting environments.

  • Add Convore discussion link to posts

This option specifies whether to add a link at the bottom of each post to the Convore topic. The link will not be added if the post does not have an associated Convore topic.

  • Create Convore topic by default

This option specifies whether to add a Convore discussion topic for each post as it’s published (this is also configurable per-post and can be overridden from the Post screen).

  • Replace comments with Convore by default

This option specifies whether to replace the post’s comments section with the Convore topic discussion. In the future it would be nice if the two could coexist but for now they can’t. This setting is just for the default behavior but each post can be configured on a per-post basis from the Post screen.

  • Convore topic header

This option specifies the text in the header tag before the Convore topic messages are printed below the post in place of the comments. The default text is “Convore discussion”.

  • Convore topic height (in pixels, blank for no limit)

This option specifies the height of the HTML div that contains the topic messages. Conversations that are larger than the specified height will scroll within the div. This allows site owners to keep very active conversations from making their WordPress pages super long. If no value is specified the comments will not be limited.

Room For Future Improvement

  • Have the post metadata indicate the number of Convore messages associated with the post where it would show comment count.

  • Right now if you delete a Convore topic that’s associated with a post it won’t automatically get recreated, but the post also will always think that it should have a Convore topic. Probably should do something smarter there.

  • Would be good to be able to have both Convore and traditional comments enabled at the same time.

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