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Improve user experience on your website by analyzing the wants and needs of your users. So, you can better prioritize and create a potential customer base.

WebMaxy is an effective tool that tracks user behavior to understand users. Analyzing user insights can help you improve user experience by optimizing your website. WebMaxy tools offer you solutions to unaccounted problems your users may experience.

Understand how customers are navigating on your site. Identify where they are getting stuck. Make necessary changes to your site that directly impact revenue.

  • Session Replay: Get a recorded video of your visitor’s behavior on your site. These videos give you insights of mouse flow, visitors moving, scrolling, u-turning, and rage-clicking on your website. Thus helping you solve critical issues that in leading to high bounce rate and thus hampering your business growth.
  • Heatmaps: Get insights of user behavior on the web and mobile and understand your users. WebMaxy heatmap helps you figure out critical pointers such as low conversion rate, ineffective call-to-action (CTA) buttons, and low sign-up. Allowing you to have an explicit understanding of items contributing to your business growth.
  • Form Analysis: Examine every form field as well as user behavior. Understand how visitors interact with forms on your website and evaluate forms to spot any conversion-blocking issues. This helps you know a form working for your brand and offers you maximum conversion.
  • Survey and Polls: Easy creation of effective surveys is now possible with WebMaxy. Create and customize surveys that help to collect customer feedback, analyze your performance, and increase customer engagement to your site.
  • Funnel: Get an accurate view of where users left the flow and did not continue to the next step which helps you to analyze the behavior that causes drop-offs. Also, helps you to increase engagement, retention, and conversions.
  • User Insights: Get a detailed understanding of the user journey. This helps you to collect feedback, get unique data points, and customize the user experience. The AI-based automatic friction scores help decision-makers unlock where to focus first.

WebMaxy plugin runs on wordpress. Our WebMaxy plugin is easy to install and provides access to all WebMaxy features immediately.

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