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Last Updated 23 May, 2022
Released 10 May, 2022
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Grow your online sales by promoting your products on one of the leading social entertainment platforms with over one billion monthly active users around the world!

With TikTok for WooCommerce, you can sync your store catalog, install the TikTok pixel for campaign performance tracking in 1 click, and set up ads to target your audience in minutes.

TikTok for WooCommerce Features

Seamlessly add TikTok to your WooCommerce store and connect directly to your TikTok for Business account. Then, automatically sync your product catalog and create ads that instantly connect shoppers with what they want to buy.

Catalog Sync

Automatically sync your WooCommerce product catalog to TikTok in minutes, unlocking catalog-based ad formats like Collection Ads and Dynamic Showcase Ads. This feature enables you to promote all your products and is perfect for getting your future customers excited about your products.

Advanced TikTok Pixel

Easily measure and maximize your advertising efforts by installing the most advanced TikTok Pixel on your website with one-click. It automatically updates and leverages advanced matching capabilities to increase the visibility of your ads in front of the right shoppers, to optimize the results of your campaign efforts, and to maximize your return on ad spend.

Ad Campaign Creation in Minutes

Help the right shoppers find your profile and store with one of TikTok’s powerful creative ad formats and easily get started with ad creation by selecting “Create an Ad” right from your dashboard.

From there, you will be taken to the Ads Creation Module. One of its key features is a Smart Video Generator that helps you create videos for your ads using your very own product pictures in minutes!

Diverse and Engaging Ad Formats Available on TikTok Ads Manager

  • Promote:Bolster your organic videos to reach more viewers, guide more people to your website, and improve your chances of gaining followers directly from the TikTok app!

  • Lead Gen Ads:Seamlessly collect new leads on TikTok with instant, customizable forms that integrate with CRM partners to make qualifying and converting leads even simpler.

  • Spark Ads:Create a native ad display that uses organic TikTok posts and features. Publish ads using your TikTok account posts or work with our creators to use their organic posts.

  • Collection Ads:Maximize product discovery with custom product cards and drive immediate purchases by combining video ads, product cards, and a full-screen landing page all in one ad.

  • Dynamic Showcase Ads:Leverage your automatically synced catalog to show the most relevant products to targeted and interested users.

Creative Expertise

Creating exciting ads that increase traffic has never been easier with the help of our creative partners! Our trusted, select group of TikTok Marketing Partners have a diverse set of expertise in Campaign Management, Measurement, Creative, Sounds, and Effects for all your advertising needs. There’s a partner for every budget ready to work with you to develop content that reaches customers across the globe!

Ready to go? Let’s get started!

Get your business ready to advertise on TikTok in 3 easy steps:

  1. Download and add TikTok for WooCommerce to your WooCommerce store.
  2. Follow the prompts to complete set-up and create or connect your TikTok accounts.
    • Sign-in or create a new TikTok Account
    • Authorize WooCommerce to connect with TikTok for Business
    • Connect your existing Business Center Account or create a new one in 1 click
    • Connect your existing TikTok Ads Manager account or create a new one in 1 click
    • Install the pixel and activate Advanced Matching for optimized tracking
    • Sync your product catalog
  3. For extra visibility, be sure to add your store website to your TikTok bio directly in the integration.
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