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No admin. No hassle. No risk.

Sprinque for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to offer your business buyers net payment terms (15, 30, 60, 90 days) and thereby grow conversion and retention. Business buyers can select to pay by invoice and pay up to 90 days later, while you get paid instantly and without incurring additional risk.

Built to integrate seamlessly with your WordPress webshop, Sprinque will appear in the checkout as a payment method for business buyers. When business buyers choose to pay by invoice, Sprinque conducts a real-time fraud and risk assessment. Approved buyers will be given a credit limit and payment term, which can be used for multiple purchases. This will increase conversion and incentivize business buyers to return.

Sprinque also offers your buyers convenient ways to pay for their invoices, when payment is due. We are exclusively focused on payment services for B2B transactions with the sole purpose of helping businesses grow safely in a digital world.

Beyond a standard payment method

Sprinque is on a mission to help businesses grow safely in a digital world. With our fraud and risk engine, we’re able to safely assign a net payment term to new and existing buyers online – all in real time and without adding friction to the buyer.

Business buyers are used to getting payment terms in the offline world and by leveraging this practice in your webshop, you’ll be able to convert more business buyers and increase retention.

Our automatic and real-time assessment replaces manual and time-consuming fraud and credit risk assessment, reducing operational and financial complexity. In order to extend payment terms to your business buyers, you don’t need to become a credit risk specialist, we’ll take care of this.

Sprinque takes away the risk of late payments and defaults for all payments we’ve approved. By paying you instantly when receiving the final invoice via API, we take away the risk of extending payment terms and improve your cash flow. Visit our website sprinque.com for more information or mail to support@sprinque.com

Want to learn more? Get in touch

Contact us via support@sprinque.com or visit our website.

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