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Get the newest and most advanced WordPress Translation Plugin.

The SiteTran – Translate Your WordPress Site plugin facilitates an easy integration between your WordPress site and SiteTran, a powerful Translation Management System.

SiteTran enables you and your team to work together to translate everything on your WordPress site in a way that is efficient, straightforward, and consistent.

The plugin adds the SiteTran Widget, a language dropdown, to every page of your site, allowing your website’s users to change languages.

Easily get your phrases added to SiteTran. You can use Google Translate or DeepL, and you can also invite your team members to translate or manage the translation process for you, all in SiteTran’s powerful interface.

We manage duplicate content for you, across your entire site. You don’t have to waste time translating the same thing over and over again. By using SiteTran you will save time and money.

Start with our free version. If you go over your free usage limit, you only pay for what you use; no monthly plans!

With inexpensive and scalable usage based pricing, SiteTran is for everyone.

Why SiteTran?

Because we are:

  • Easier to use than alternatives
  • Less expensive
  • Time-saving
  • Great at facilitating teamwork
  • Maintainable


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SiteTran + WordPress Features

  • ✅ Fully customizable widget: Make the language dropdown look and feel however you want.
  • ✅ No coding needed: Get up and running easily within minutes. Our software will enable you to handle all special translation cases.
  • ✅ Customer Support: Speedy customer support that actually cares about you.
  • ✅ 100% fully SEO optimized: Get on every search engine in every language. Great for organic traffic. You can translate metadata, and we automatically add hreflang tags and the global lang HTML attribute to pages for you.
  • ✅ Search Engine Friendly URLs: We create URLs with your language codes as subdirectories ( Search engines will index all of your translated pages.
  • ✅ Works with every theme and all plugins: Translate every possible element, including content generated by other plugins.
  • ✅ Unified process: A single interface to manage everything from. Create and update your translations directly on SiteTran.
  • ✅ WooCommerce: Easily translate your WooCommerce store.
  • ✅ Competitive Pricing: We cost less than the rest. You only pay for what you use if you exceed your free monthly usage.

To see the full list of SiteTran features, click here.

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