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Current Version 1.1.1
Last Updated 01 Aug, 2022
Released 27 Jul, 2022
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The OTYS Plugin makes your WordPress website a proper recruiting website integrated with OTYS. The integration makes sure every step of the process is automated and no extra work has to be done. Vacancies are automaticly pushed to your website without any hassle.

What is included: – Vacancies list – Vacancies filters – Vacancies keyword search – Vacancy Detail – Vacancy Application using dynamic questionsets – Mail notifications


Vacancies list Display a list of vacancies including pagination [otys-vacancies-list]

Vacancies list inlcuding matchcriteria Pre filter the vacancies list using arguments [otys-vacancies-list CIRTERIA_NAME=”CRITERIA_OPTION_NAME”] For example: [otys-vacancies-list region="utrecht"] if you want to filter on multiple criteria you would for example use [otys-vacancies-list region="utrecht,gelderland"]

Chaning the amount of vacancies per page [otys-vacancies-list per-page=”VACANCIES_PER_PAGE”] For example: [otys-vacancies-list per-page="5"]

Vacancies filter list Displays a list of filters which can be used to filter the result of the otys-vacancies-list when both shortcodes are used on the same page [otys-vacancies-filters]

Vacancies search Displays a search form which enables to search vacancies based on keywords [otys-vacancies-search]


It is possible to overwrite any view file used within the plugin. This makes it possible for webdevelopers to customize the views however they like. You can overwrite a view file by creating a folder within your theme named otys-jobs-apply within this folder you should use the same folder structure as used within the ~/plugins/otys-jobs-apply/views folder.

For example; When you want to customize the vacancy list view you can copy the file ~/plugins/otys-jobs-apply/views/vacancies/vacancies-list.php to your ~/themes/YOUR_THEME/otys-jobs-apply/views/vacancies/ and edit this file however you like. The plugin will automaticly prefer using files from your theme folder above files from the plugin folder. Templates that are in your theme folder won’t be affected by updates.


After you followed the installation the OTYS menu will be available in the sidebar of your admin panel. Navigate to your WordPress admin panel and go to OTYS > Options. Fill in the API Key provided by OTYS in the API key field. If you have no API Key yet you can request via https://www.otys.nl/contact

After you filled in a correct API Key more options will appear. Make sure you fill in all options. We recommend to go through the options from top to bottom since all options are important and make sure your recruitment website functions exactly how you want it.

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