Open Badges designer

Contributors myknowledgemap
Type Free
Current Version 2.0.1
Last Updated 31 Mar, 2016
Released 11 Apr, 2013
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Open Badges are a new online standard to recognize and verify learning: Earn badges for skills you learn online & offline, Give recognition for things you teach, Show your badges in the places that matter. This plugin lets you integrate the badge designer inside your WordPress admin screens.

The badge designer provides a simple and quick way to create attractive graphics and designs to use as badges as part of the Mozilla Open Badges infrastructure. When used alongside other Open Badges plugins (like WPBadger) it’s now possible to support end-to-end Open Badges workflow, including design, creation, definition and issuing.

The badge designer sits neatly within your WordPress admin screens and saves your badge graphics directly into your media library ready to use however you wish!

With the badge designer you can:

  • Create sophisticated and attractive badge graphics in PNG format
  • Combine different layers, shapes and icons to create unique designs
  • Adjust colours, positions and opacities of your elements to get things just right
  • Add graphical flair with a range of in-built icon sets and web-fonts

The badge designer gives you all the tools you need to create great looking Open Badges, in your browser and without the need to learn complex graphics editing software.

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