WP VTiger Synchronization

Type Free
Current Version 1.1.1
Last Updated 22 Oct, 2015
Released 22 Apr, 2015
Total Download 3,990
Active Install 80
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Plugin uses the details you provided in plugin settings panel to fetch the contact and leads form of the Vtiger CRM. After the validating the connections settings it will fetch the fields list of Vtiger CRM under the Leads Form Field and Contact Form Fields tab. Plugin provide support to select any field and save it and then generate short code to show the saved field as form in any of your wp page or post. You can see the list of all the short codes any time under the List Shortcodes tab. And can add another fields to the existing form.The Plugin also provide the option to Sync WP Users with your CRM . You can find this option under the Sync WP Users.

Here is the list of key features the plugin provides. * Assign a user to each form you create. * Fetch both VTiger CRM lead/contact fields directly to WordPress forms. * Change the display label of the fields. * Set mandatory fields using plugin options. * Sync WP users to VTiger contacts. * Add new fields to even existing forms at any time. * Short codes to integrate both contact and lead capture form in post/page. * Adding captcha support to all system generated form’s. * Plugin uses VTiger web service API’s to sync with VTiger CRM. * Generate unlimited short-code for the contact and lead form’s. * Change the position order of the fields from WordPress dashboard itself. * Create, Edit, and manage form settings. * Capture contacts directly to VTiger CRM. * Mini widget forms to accommodate within any theme sidebar. So no design modification needed. * You can sync old registered members to VTiger CRM contacts.

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