Menu Cart For Woocommerce

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Current Version 1.3
Last Updated 08 Aug, 2022
Released 27 Jun, 2022
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Use our best, most professional, an innovative plugin to show your cart to the next level. This plugin allows you to show your cart details on the menu. There is no need to go on the cart page; it lets you see your cart detail wherever you are.

As you know, today’s world is so fast and hyperspeed, and if you’re a WooCommerce website owner and your website is slow, then I think you’re in trouble. Maybe there are a lot of chances that your competitor can overtake you.

Menu Cart For WooCommerce is a very useful plugin for your website. It can show your Cart details using the default menu. In addition, it displays the Cart icon, Number of items and Total Price in the user-selected menu. Furthermore, the Flyout will be shown on the menu hover and click the menu. Also, users can change the layout of their cart icon and cart menu item. Cart flyout can show details like Product name, quantity, price, and total amount. And all the options can be customized easily and very creative.

Plugin Features

🔹 Cart icon, number of items and price are displayed in the user-selected menu. 🔹 The Flyout will show on the menu hover and click on the menu. 🔹 Users can display the maximum number of products in Flyout. 🔹 You can choose different cart icons. 🔹 Users can show the cart and checkout button in Flyout. 🔹 Users can show a sticky cart icon with the number of items. 🔹 Customize sticky cart position color. 🔹 Customize menu and Flyout using design elements. 🔹 And more…

Pro Plugin Features

🔹 Choose the Cart menu item’s icon from 10 awesome icons. 🔹 The Cart menu item’s layout also can be customized, here 7 good-looking layouts are available. 🔹 Menu Cart For WooCommerce Pro adds the option to remove WooCommerce products in the flyout. 🔹 Options to set WooCommerce product link for flyout product list. 🔹 Set WooCommerce products limit in the flyout product list up to 10 or all WooCommerce products. 🔹 Customize totals like Subtotal, Cart total, and checkout total in the flyout. 🔹 Admin can Show Cart, Checkout, or both buttons in the flyout. 🔹 Here you can modify the text of the Cart menu item, WooCommerce Cart button, WooCommerce Checkout button, a total amount, and Empty cart note. 🔹 You can display the WooCommoerce menu and a flyout anywhere using shortcode. 🔹 Timely support 24/7. 🔹 Regular updates. 🔹 Well documented.



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