Longer Login ("Remember Me" Extension)

Author John Morris
Contributors jtmorris
Type Free
Current Version 1.0.0
Last Updated 02 Jun, 2015
Released 02 Jun, 2015
Total Download 1,129
Active Install 100
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Do you use the “Remember Me” feature when logging in to your WordPress site? I know I do.

Do you find it annoying when WordPress stops remembering you after a few days? I know I do.

Longer Login is a simple WordPress plugin that remedies this. By default, WordPress automatically forgets users after 14 days. This plugin adds an option in your website’s General Settings that can change this expiration date. There are numerous options ranging from 1 day to 1 year.

Change the setting, and the next time you, or any user on your site logs in with “Remember Me” checked, WordPress will keep them logged in for that specified time.

How Does It Work?

To remember users, websites store a small piece of information in your web browser’s memory. This token of information is called an HTTP cookie. These cookies have an expiration date specified by the website.

By default, WordPress websites have their persistent login cookies expire after 14 days. This plugin changes the length of time the cookie will survive. Instead of 14 days after login, you can make the cookie live for as long as 1 year after login.

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