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Current Version 3.4.10
Last Updated 29 Mar, 2014
Released 18 Mar, 2008
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verion logs:

ver 3.4.10 revert the change in ver 3.4.8.

ver 3.4.7 make the space around inline formula to be optional. It’s closed by default. But I recommend turn on it on Chinese blog.

ver 3.4.6 Add a space around the inline formula.

ver 3.4: Now you can turn off displaying formula as images. Use this when your server has problem to fetch LaTeX images.

ver 3.3: Fix the bug to display LaTeX source code.

ver 3.2: Load MathJax only when needed.

ver 3.0: Using MathJax and Images to display LaTeX formula.

Using MathJax and images, this plugin provides a general and elegant solution to add and display your mathematical fourmula, no matter the visitors are visiting your blog or read from Google Reader.

You can type the formula in LaTeX, in title, posts, pages and comments:

  • \(\alpha+\beta\geq\gamma\) or $$\alpha+\beta\geq\gamma$$ add an inline formula
  • \[\alpha+\beta\geq\gamma\] or $$!\alpha+\beta\geq\gamma$$ add an LaTeX equation in math mode(it will be displayed centerly in a single line).
  • \(\alpha+\beta\geq\gamma!\) display the source of the LaTeX formula. Just add a ! before \) or \].

This plugin provides (and recommend) you a choice to use MathJax to display formula in your blog. MathJax is an open source JavaScript display engine for mathematics that works in all modern browsers. It uses modern CSS and web fonts, instead of equation images or Flash, so equations scale with surrounding text at all zoom levels. I would say that MathJax turns the previous ugly mathematics fourmula on web into arts. You can check it in or

The plugin uses copy of Mathjax from their CDN Service by default, you can also install your own MathJax. It’s easy, just following the link in the setting page of this plugin.

However, MathJax is not perfect. It’s somewhat slow to load in the first time; It requires the users turn on their browsers’ JavaScript; The fourmula don’t work on Google Reader. To complement this, The plugin also uses the LaTeX image service to generate images for your mathematical fourmula. In the case of the MathJax was not loading, the plugin displays the images instead. So it provide seamless solution to display mathematical formula of your posts everywhere.

There are lots of websites provide such services, for example, and Google Charts. The plugin provide four candidates for you, and you can choose any of them or customize it to use your own LaTeX image generating service.

Other features are added in version 3.2+:

  • The mathjax script is loaded only needed. This would spead up your blog a lot.

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