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Last Updated 17 Jun, 2019
Released 30 Oct, 2012
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LionScripts IP Blocker for WordPress allows you to block the malicious IP Addresses, Spammers and Hackers. You can block IP addresses by either using the manual blocking method or the Bulk IPs Blocking feature.

By blocking the Unwanted or Spammy IP Addresses, you can prevent hacking attempts and brute-force login attacks on your wordpress website.

Hackers do the brute-force login attacks very often to gain the access to your website, which may become a negative signal to the shared hosting service provider for your website, leading to the account suspension too, if not taken care of very soon. Some of the folks got their hosting accounts banned from their shared hosting provider as the hacking attempts consumes server resources very hugely and impacts the performance of other user accounts on the same shared server. If you are using some cloud based services like AWS EC2 or Google Cloud Machine for hosting, then such hacking attempts eats-up the bandwidth, resources and increases the number of hours of usage & eventually the server bills significantly. But there’s no need to worry now. That’s exactly what the LionScripts IP Blocker resolves.

The blocked IPs won’t be able to scrap the precious content too from your WordPress Site. You can choose to either display the blocked message or an empty page to the blocked users. To do so, you can just add the IP Address to the blocking list and anytime you can delete that IP from the blocking list if you know that it’s not performing malicious activities.

If you like IP Address Blocker Lite Version, then you can visit at below link to download the Professional version:

Plugin Features

  • Block Unlimited IP Addresses from accessing your website
  • Block IP Adresses in Bulk (via CSV Upload)
  • Display predefined message or a blank page to the blocked user
  • Displays current User’s IP, to avoid banning your own IP Addresses
  • Download Backups (CSV List of blocked IP Addresses either in IP Blocker Pro format or in the Normal Format)
  • Works Without any conflict on your existing plugins and themes
  • Free 24X7 Support
  • Automatic IP Blocking on Suspicious Activity, Auto-blocking of Brute force attacks, Bulk IPs Upload with more parameters support, Wildcard IP Blocking, Country Blocker, Blacklisting or Whitelisting of IP Addresses basis several conditions, Time Specific Blocks, Personal Network Viewer (Intranet Mode to access the Website only on certain IP Addresses or the IP Range), and a lot more… (Only in Pro Version)

To enable the features, please visit the Options page after installing the IP Address Blocker on your website.

To purchase the IP Blocker Pro License, you can visit:

For all kind of support and questions, please visit and provide detailed explaination of the respective issue.

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