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Last Updated 23 May, 2017
Released 12 Apr, 2017
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Enrich your website with styled, consistent, vector, scalable, pixel-perfect, first-class, shiny-ass icons. Insert icons in the post for less than 8 seconds. Keep your site cool. Save your time. Work with pleasure.

Hi! We are Icons8 team. We draw icons. Daily. For free. By users requests. We have drawn more than 43 000 icons in 10 consistent styles. We also create various useful things for the community.

The WordPress Icons Enricher plugin allows to insert vector icons in your blog posts and pages. Decorate your menu with icons.

There are seven icon packs included now:

  • LineAwesome
  • FontAwesome
  • Ionicons
  • Simple Line Icons
  • Weather Icons
  • Typicons
  • Foundation Icons

They are 3067 icons altogether.

The WordPress Icons Enricher plugin is optimized for traffic: even if there are several icon packs in the plugin, it will attach to page only required resources such as CSS, JS, web-fonts etc. For some icon packs you may enable the CDN usage – it will reduce traffic from your host and decrease page loading time. Site visitors value it.

You will choose the icons using the nice and fast UI with associative search:

  • You don’t have to choose one icon from limitless comboboxes
  • You don’t have to look up the sheets of tiny pictures when searching for the damn “thumb up”
  • You don’t have to remember the exact icon names so you may search the icons by context, not by names

Enter “like”, “good”, “perfect”, “finger”, “thumb”, “approve”, “hand” or “facebook” and get you favorite icon.

Demo: play with the “Add icon” feature


  • Try plugin in action on the demo page
  • “Add icon” media button to insert icon in a post or a page
  • Use icons in the navigation menus
  • Line Awesome v1.1 web font included (preview)
  • Font Awesome v4.4.0 web font included (preview)
  • Ionicons v2.0.1 web font included (preview)
  • Simple Line Icons v2.4.1 web font included (preview)
  • Weather Icons v2.0.10 web font included (preview)
  • Typicons v2.0.8 web font included (preview)
  • Foundation Icons v3.0 web font included (preview)
  • Fast and nice UI with associative search
  • Optimized for page speed: includes only used resources, allows to include resources from CDN

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