Gps Plotter

Current Version 5.1.3
Last Updated 23 Dec, 2021
Released 13 Apr, 2018
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GPS Plotter by St. Pete Design allows you to track Android phones in real time. GPS Plotter displays a map on your website with your present location using Openstreet Maps or Google Maps. We recommend that you start with Openstreet Maps unless you have experience with Google Maps API.

GPS Plotter was forked from a plugin called GPS Tracker by Nick Fox. Nick stopped development on GPS Tracker so we picked up where he left off. You can watch the cell phones being tracked using Openstreet maps and Google maps and you can store and reload routes easily for later viewing. The plugin is fully responsive and it will display properly on any device such as a cell phone, tablet or desktop computer.

You can download the app from the Android store then you enter your username and the URL that you have installed the GPS Plotter plugin on. Now you are ready to click “Tracking On” to start sending GPS tracking information to that URL.

Then you can go to that site on either your computer or mobile device and check out the GPS information you are sending for yourself.

I hope you find this plugin useful. If you find any bugs, please email us so we can address any issues that come up immediately.

Please rate it and leave a review so we can help other developers find this software. Thanks!

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