FW Food Menu – Responsive food menu with ordering & delivery solutions

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Last Updated 23 Sep, 2021
Released 07 Mar, 2021
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Collection of responsive food menu designs with all meal elements. A few themes are currently available like Coffee House, Italian Restaurant, Sushi Restaurant and Pizzeria. More to come soon. Designs are constantly updated as we release new features and add-ons.

Individual category settings

Every category has its own design settings. You can leave default settings from global configuration, or make each category special. Each category is independent and can have totally different layout and designs. This opens up a great field for creativity and achieving a desired meals presentation.

Promo blocks

FWFM Promo add-on will help you make some of your meals stand out. Simply create a module, choose one of available designs and put it where you want it to be. Totally different designs will help you find your style. Module Label parameter may tell your customers what meal is special for.

Layout anywhere

Use FW Food Menu and add-ons shortcodes to place meals menu anywhere on your web pages. Put shortcodes into widgets or simply insert into a post where you need it. Use parameters and individual category settings to get the exact presentation you need.

Quick and easy setup

It has never been easier to set up a food menu website than using FW Food Menu. Just install it on your website and use Quick Categories button in Categories and Quick Meals button in Meals to create your category tree and fill it with meals in minutes!

Add-ons and layouts

Check our a great variety of different enhancements of features and designs to our free FW Food Menu plugin. You can always check back-end and front-end functionality on our demo website before download. See documentation for add-ons usage and contact our support in case you have questions.

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