FV Antispam

Author Foliovision
Contributors foliovision
Type Free
Current Version 2.4.3
Last Updated 23 May, 2022
Released 10 Sep, 2010
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FV Antispam is a powerful and simple antispam plugin. FV Antispam moves any spambot (machine written) comments directly to the trash and allows Akismet to just deal with human spam. What makes FV Antispam better than any other solution is the very low CPU load. FV Antispam will not burden your hosting or slow down your server. Other effective antispam plugins may get your hosting cancelled. Really. It happened to us, that’s why we wrote FV Antispam.

The Problem

Our studies on our own sites have shown that for every 50 human spam comments a popular weblog will have up to 10,000 machine generated spam. With FV Antispam, Akismet finally becomes a usefull tool again allowing you to browse your spam folder and pull out any Akismet false positives. If you use just Akismet, bots fill your whole spam folder with thousands of comments. It’s nearly an impossible task to browse through hundreds or thousands of comments to find one or two false positives.

Why choose FV AntiSpam?

  • Dead simple. Just install, turn on and go. FV Antispam doesn’t need configuration. No redundant and dangerous options or cryptic choices.
  • Effective.
  • Reliable.
  • Zero false positives.
  • Virtually no CPU server load.
  • Works with the most powerful WordPress form processor – Filled In. Utilizes Akismet for it as well if installed. Allows you to enter custom questions for extra protection.

How does FV AntiSpam work so well?

  • No detectable signature for spam bots
  • Blacklisted comments are put into trash
  • The spam is moved directly to trash
  • Spam pings and trackbacks are moved directly into trash if detected by Akismet
  • Works hand in hand with Akismet, not trying to replace the collective system but supplement it.
  • Stops only the machine spam
  • Doesn’t stop human spam which Akismet will move to spam folder.
  • Keeps the spam folder almost empty so you can quickly go through the spam folder to rescue any Akismet false positives. This is impossible without FV Antispam as the spam folder of any popular site would have thousands of bot posted spam every week or even every day.

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