Fusion Page Builder : Extension – Gallery

Contributors agencydominion
Type Free
Current Version 1.7.6
Last Updated 07 Jan, 2022
Released 03 Aug, 2016
Total Download 22,855
Active Install 1,000
Support 1 out of 1

The Gallery Element allows you to build powerful responsive image galleries in Fusion. The element contains three versatile and powerful layout Types; from full-width galleries, to galleries with thumbnails, to carousels, this Element can be used to power image galleries of all kinds throughout your site.

Requires the core Fusion plugin.

About Fusion

Fusion is a flexible and expandable page builder for WordPress. It focuses on providing a powerful, user friendly experience that aims to closely emulate the native WordPress look and feel.

Built on the popular Bootstrap framework, Fusion will allow you to easily split your theme’s content area into responsive multi-column layouts.

The Core plugin includes elements for outputting text and raw code into the columns while our free Expansion plugins add all the functionality you need for your WordPress site including Galleries, Videos, and Maps.

Fusion also allows you to create Components and Templates. Components are pieces of a layout that can be repeated across several different pages and edited / maintained in one place, and Templates are full page layouts that can be loaded and modified to easily create new pages.

Fusion is designed to be developer friendly, making it possible for WordPress plugin and theme developers to add, modify, and expand the Fusion ecosystem to limitless horizons.


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