Fuse Social Floating Sidebar

Contributors daniyalahmedk, freemius
Type Free
Current Version 5.4.3
Last Updated 19 Mar, 2022
Released 05 May, 2015
Total Download 266,436
Active Install 20,000
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Fuse Social Floating Sidebar allow you to insert social media links very easily, you can show social media icons as floating on the website. This plugin provides very attractive interface which allows you to make settings for those social media icons, in the means of :

  • Type of icons round and square
  • Animated Rotation Effect in Icons.
  • Shadow in icons.
  • Different size of social icons.

You can check live demo with all features as well : Fuse Social Demo

Control Visibility on Scroll

This new feature allows you to show the social icons when a user scrolls on the page. It helps to prevent displaying social icons on the main hero section of the page, and when the user scrolls, these social icons pop up.

Action Button Feature

Now, you can display social icons under the action button, so you need to click on the action button to view the social icon

Sticky Social Icons

Floating social icons with custom colors allow you to match the design icons according to your site.

Pro Version

Fuse Pro allow you to add custom icons, and give you more control on the social icon visiblity and analytics as well. Pro version includes following features as well.

  • Upload icon as image or select from icons library.
  • Conditional settings, allow you to remove the social sidebar from specific pages.
  • Analytics feature provides you interface so you can view which social icon is getting more clicks.
  • Allow you to re-arrange the icons.
  • Change vertical position of the icons.
  • Get access to more icon designs.
  • 24/7 Lifetime support and updates with unlimited websites.
  • and much much more!

Get Pro Version Now

Use coupon code WPORG20 to get 20% discount. It’s simple, unique, and the best WordPress plugin for floating social icons. Fuse Social Floating Sidebar allows you to add the following social icons to your website * Facebook * Twitter * RSS * YouTube * LinkedIn * Flickr * Pinterest * StumbleUpon * Google Plus * Instagram * Tumblr * Vine * SoundCloud * VK * Reddit * Stack OverFlow * Behance * Github and many more..

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