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Released 28 Mar, 2020
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Form Countdown is a GiveWP add-on allows you to display a countdown on your donation forms until a certain date/time. Various actions are available when the countdown expires.

Limiting your donation campaigns to a certain time-frame is useful for communicating a sense of urgency. When your donors know that their window to donate is limited to a certain timeframe, they are less likely to postpone giving to a later time.


  • Display the countdown until a specific date/time.
  • When the form is closed, display a custom message to your donors thanking them for their generosity. Or show/hide the form or the countdown clock.
  • Choose from dark, light, or custom color schemes.


All of the Form Countdown settings are per form, so you will not find anything in “Donations > Settings”. Instead, go to “Donations > All Forms” and click on your form.

There you’ll see our tabbed “Donation Form Options” interface. Towards the bottom is a new tab called “Form Countdown”. There you’ll have the following options:

  • Show Countdown — Enable or Disable your the countdown clock to appear on this form. All other fields will appear when you select “Enable”.
  • End Date — Set the end date that the countdown clock is counting down toward.
  • End Time — Set the time of day for which the countdown clock will end on the designated “End Date”.
  • Clock Color Scheme — Choose from “Dark”, “Light”, or “Custom” color schemes for your countdown clock.
  • Pick Your Custom Color — A Colorpicker field to choose your custom color. Only appears when “Custom” is selected for the “Clock Color Scheme” setting.
  • Countdown Achieved Action — Chose from a list of different actions to happen when the countdown clock reaches its end. These options allow you to show/hide the clock, the form, or a custom message.
  • End Message — Show a message when the countdown clock reaches its end. Only shows for relevant settings of the “Countdown Achieved Action” setting.

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