Form Abandonment Tracking

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Last Updated 24 Feb, 2022
Released 04 Apr, 2014
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This plugin tracks form abandonment to the form field level, firing Google Analytics events using the existing Google Analytics code installed on your site. Each form will be tracked using it’s ID name, with each field using the field name, and each change of the field focus fires an event to Google Analytics tracking whether the field was empty (skipped) or not (completed). Submit is tracked as a separate event as well. In Google Analytics, these events will generate stats on number of fields completed, number skipped, and submits, with percentages, for each form on your web site.

Be sure to give all your forms an ID with a specific name you choose, the events will be sent using the form ID name, and if not set, it will be sent as “form-without-id”, which will not be as useful.

The javascript is loaded into the footer of the site, and uses jQuery to detect the form field focus change, and requires that the Google Analytics (ga) and/or Universal Analytics (ua) code is already added to the site.

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