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Released 05 May, 2016
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This plugin is no longer updated. It has been merged with an other plugin. A lot of new features are available in the PRO version.

Get your Forefront Div.

Forefront Div lets you display an ad at a page loading, everything else is blocked while the ad is open.

The ad will be closable manually by the user or automatically, after a custom counter.

The goal of the plugin is to obtain a div in the middle of the screen, that need to be closed to access the website.

Here is an example of the possible uses :

  • You can display an ad for your customers.
  • Ask the customer to Log in, or Register.
  • Show some important information, like a new release.

How to use our plugin ?

  • You just have to download your plugin and upload it to your “wp-content/plugins” folder.
  • Activate your plugin on your Dashboard and you will see an Forefront Div tabs.
  • At this point, you just have to create a new Forefront Div by completing the fields.
  • Once created, go back to the list of your Forefront Div and you will see a Shortcode.
  • All you have to do, is put the Shortcode wherever you want to get your Forefront Div.

Take a look at the PRO version features.

  1. You will be able to configure the div size and the counter before the div is closable.
  2. You can change de percentage of transparency of the background.
  3. The Probability of occurence will be configurable, if you do not want everytime the ad.
  4. A Technical support for setting up and implementing the plugin.
  5. That’s where you will find the PRO version

Here is a demo of this plugin if you want to take a look.


  1. Simply use the new tab in the admin panel named Forefront Div.
  2. Create your first item.
  3. Go back to the item’s list and grab the shortcode.
  4. Insert the shortcode wherever you want.


Find help on our website for this plugin .

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