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A visual search engine for WordPress- an all-in-one application, a powerful recommendation engine that can increase and optimize the conversion rate and customer retention of your online store . The application is available for two languages, english and french. We use advanced technologies based on artificial intelligence ( AI ) to ensure business features for affordable prices. Our WordPress search engine tracks your customers along the way with: -An intelligent and instant search -Navigation in search results and collections -Personalization and “Machine Learning” -Analyzes and reports Visual search : When your visitor searches for a product in your store, an instant responsive widget is displayed. The user clicks and starts his search. He is allowed to : Download an existing photo from his phone or computer Enter the URL of the desired product image Once the client clicks on Search, the widget sends a message to our server and retrieves the list of similar products and shows the images with percentages of similarities compared to the desired product.

FOQUS AI allows you to:

Real-time product synchronization and catalog indexing An analysis of all times Mobile responsiveness Recommendation blocks that can be used on any page of your store as new products Analysis and detailed reports on search queries API documentation for developers

Foqus installation steps:

P.S. If you have a Foqus account please skip to step 9. 1. Head to the website 2. Click on “Don't have an account?” 3. Enter an existent email and choose a password, then click “next”. 4. Enter respectively: legal name (company name), your last name, first name, phone number, your job, the size of your company, and the domain of your business, click “next”. 5. Choose a billing plan according to your needs (how much products do you have, how much searches on your store do you want, technical support), there are 4 plans (free, standard, premium and platinum), click “next”. 6. Choose “WordPress” as CMS and enter your store website (ex., then accept CGU-CGV of Foqus after reading them and click “validate”. 7. An email will be sent to you to verify your account, click on the link provided within it. 8. If your chosen plan is not free, another email will be sent to you in order to pay for it in the website (enter your information, the wished paying method and card information, then validate). Please note that Foqus applies charges according to your Country, the detailed amount to pay will be displayed for you before paying. 9. Head to WordPress marketplace and search for “Foqus” or visit

Foqus Engine

10. Click on “Download”. 11. Insert your downloaded .zip package to your website. (don’t know how? Follow these steps: 12. Open your WordPress store’s admin page, click on “plugins”. If you see “Foqus Engine” plugin available on the list, that means it was installed in your store successfully.

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