Fixel – Smarter Segmentation for Remarketing and Lookalikes

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Last Updated 26 Jan, 2022
Released 14 Jul, 2019
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Fixel is an easy to use, AI-based audience segmentation solution that dramatically improves PPC campaigns.

Our AI-based platform learns how visitors interact with your site, and by applying advanced machine learning algorithms, we highlight the visitors that matter most for your business. Users are scored on a simple scale – Highly engaged, Medium, Basic or Unengaged. These engagement scores are triggered directly into your preferred ad platforms (Google, Facebook and others), so you can create great audiences to target your campaigns to

Ways to Work with Fixel:

With the help of Fixel, you’ll be able to vastly increase the volume of your retargeting campaigns, honing in on audience segments reserved for enterprise-level teams. Fixel is easy for any business to implement! It works right out of the box and allows you to focus on what’s really important, which is knowing that your retargeting efforts are working at maximum efficiency.

Scale your Remarketing

You can use Facebook Ads or Google Adwords to create dynamic retargeting campaigns aimed at highly engaged users, which we call Fixel High audiences.

  • Using Fixel for Dynamic Remarketing on Facebook Ads
  • Using Fixel for Dynamic Retargeting on Google Ads

Create Superior Lookalikes

You can use the Fixel High audience, which is of extremely high quality and comparable to cart abandonment, but larger, to create lookalike audience seeds with superior accuracy.

  • Using Fixel with Facebook Ads Lookalike Audiences
  • Using Fixel with Google Ads Similar Audiences
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