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Author LSVH
Contributors fleuv
Type Free
Current Version 1.0.2
Last Updated 13 Jan, 2019
Released 11 Jan, 2019
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Ever had to replace a couple of links after a migration or because another user added it somehow incorrectly to the site? Well no worries about that anymore, by simply installing and activating this plugin that problem will be gone for good!

With this plugin you can either replace incorrect links temporary or permanently. At the plugin settings page you’re able to tweak the replace algorithm at the following aspects:

  • Only replace links with a certain path prefix.
  • Exclude links from being replaced.

In the future there might also be a feature added to help specify on what content the replacement will be executed. For now the plugin does only replaces incorrect links in the any post type’s post content.

By using this plugin on your WordPress site, you’re allowing the plugin to replace URL’s in the src attribute which are stored in your WordPress site’s database and thus can be altered via the WordPress admin area.

Arbitrary section

The plugin comes with one hook fix-content-links_save_option_{$setting} where $setting is either: type, path or exclude. With this filter you can add your own functionality before the saving process of an option completes.

Use with the Transient API to modify the admin notice during the saving process.


add_filter('fix-content-links_save_option_type', function ($value) {
    $transient = 'fix-content-links_' . get_current_user_id() . '_admin_notice'
    $update = get_transient($transient);

    if ($value === 'disable' && is_array($update) && array_key_exists('message', $update)) {
        $update['message'] = '<p>' . __('Plugin disabled.') '</p>';

    return $value;
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