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Last Updated 12 Apr, 2022
Released 01 May, 2020
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Add Web Stories by uploading your own short videos or curating premium videos directly onto your website

Make You The Best Video Storyteller on the Open Web

Turn your text-based WordPress site into a media-rich content avenue with a beautiful feed of relevant short videos, enhancing your SEO in 4 ways:

1. Longer session time and reduce bounce rate 2. Free high-quality video feed with the most relevant content to your audience 3. Mobile-first tap & swipe design to capture more screen time 4. All videos are AMP-enabled and indexed by Google

What makes us stand out?

1. Proprietary Web Story Player

Our deep learning algorithm maximizes video quality while minimizing bandwidth

2. Ultra-low Latency Streaming

Multi-CDN intelligence layer with advanced caching and acceleration

3. Global Hosting Infrastructure

The world’s fastest and most cost-efficient web story hosting infrastructure

4. Deep Learning AI Module

The Open Web’s first dynamic story recommendation layer drives even better engagement and session length

Short Video Gallery fits all types of websites. See more at:

TV & Entertainment: Globo – GShow Photography: The Phoblographer Fashion: EliteGen

What is Firework?

Firework is a quickly-growing Silicon-Valley based short-form video platform for publishers and businesses on the open web.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach us at plugins@fireworkhq.com

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