FavePay for WooCommerce

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Type Free
Current Version 1.0.11
Last Updated 18 May, 2022
Released 04 Aug, 2021
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Adds FavePay as a WooCommerce payment method.

Information & Requirements

Applicable for merchants selling in Malaysia and Singapore

Register as a FavePay merchant through FaveBiz

Fave is a leading fintech platform in Southeast Asia, providing various payment and loyalty solutions for merchants to grow their business and maximise rewards and value for customers.

FavePay empowers merchants to offer customers a variety of payment methods which includes Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL). Merchants are able to accept major debit and credit cards as well as local e-wallets while enabling loyalty programs through Cashback.

Choose the payment methods that are suitable for you:

  1. Buy Now, Pay Later

    • Allows customer to split their purchases into 3 equal and interest-free payments.
    • Increase up to 30% of customer’s average order value
  2. Cashback

    • Issue Cashback at your preferred rate, which can only be used at the same brand
    • Get up to 70% of customers to shop at your store again within 30 days
  3. eCards

    • Enable stored-value card or gift cards for customers with the flexibility to use it anytime in the next 180 days
    • Experience up to xx% increase of transaction

How to get started?

Sign up as a Fave merchant to gain access to the FaveBiz merchant dashboard. Install this plugin on your website Insert the API secret key, outlet ID and country

To retrieve API key and outlet ID: For merchants new to Fave, our team will guide you through the onboarding and setup process.

For merchants that are already registered to accept FavePay, contact your business development manager for guidance. Alternatively, you can send an email to myfp.integration@myfave.com (Malaysia) or sgfp.integration@myfave.com (Singapore)

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