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Faster YouTube Embed is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin to insert YouTube videos to your WordPress pages and posts. It offers you a fully responsive and user friendly design. After installing this convenient YouTube plugin for your website, you will have a custom YouTube widget that can be used to embed single video without any hassle as it provides a fast and easy method to get the job done.

This plugin is compatible with almost all the popular page builders on WordPress. You can take advantage of this widget in both Gutenberg and Elementor to embed your YouTube videos. Furthermore, you can use a shortcode for any page builder! The best part? Videos will load at blazing fast speed no matter what size screen it is being viewed from- so you don’t have any unwanted delays!


Faster YouTube embed is a powerful solution for embedding YouTube videos into your WordPress site that is exceptionally quick, straightforward, and easy to use. Some of its highlights are mentioned below:

  • Insert YouTube video URL through a Gutenberg block, Elementor addon, widget or shortcode.
  • Fully Responsive YouTube videos on all devices. The plugin has an easy-to-use shortcode which is [htyoutube]url[/htyoutube] and it allows you to show your YouTube Video playlist in any posts or pages. Replace the url here by the URL of your desired YouTube video.
  • Speed up YouTube video load time on your site by using this plugin.

So, worried about YouTube videos slowing down your site? Switch to the modern and user-friendly “Faster YouTube Embed” plugin and get your website up and running with faster YouTube video load speed.

The plugin also allows you to set the resolution for the thumbnail to be shown up. You can set various screen resolutions for thumbnails to appear. * 01. Lowest Quality Dimensions: 120px × 90px * 02. Medium Quality Dimensions: 320px × 180px * 03. High Quality Dimensions: 480px × 360px * 04. Standard Quality Dimensions: 640px × 480px * 05. YouTube Recommended Thumbnail Dimension for better SEO: 1280px × 720px

You can select espasic video regulation


[htyoutube controls="1" start ="10" end="40" thumbnailresolution="lowest OR medium OR high OR standard OR recommended" thumbnail=""]YouTube Video ID[/htyoutube]
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