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Current Version 2.6
Last Updated 01 May, 2022
Released 01 Oct, 2016
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Fast eBay Listings provides additional blocks, shortcodes and widgets to present eBay items on your pages and posts.

  • Display single items or a grid of search results from eBay
  • Slideshow presentation with automatic or manual progression
  • Simple to use Blocks to arrange eBay items in the WordPress Block Editor
  • Easy UI to add eBay search shortcodes in Classic Editor
  • Dynamic widget to show eBay items relevant to the current page
  • Search for items from a given seller, any seller, or items specific to a post’s author
  • Filter results by category, price range, seller type, buying options etc.
  • Handy eBay category chooser tool – no manual lookup of category ID numbers by hand!
  • Items are shown with thumbnail size of your choice
  • Full item details can be shown: price, end date, BIN, etc
  • Deferred loading and inbuilt caching of listing for faster page loads
  • Earn commission on click-throughs via the eBay Partner Network and track with your own reference IDs
  • Highlighting of priority listings that earn high rates of commission

→ More details and documentation can be found at

Fast eBay Listings is a certified eBay Compatible Application and is actively maintained to ensure continued support for the latest eBay API updates.

A key feature of Fast eBay Listings is the ability to utilize the eBay Partner Network to earn commission on click-throughs from the listings to eBay. A great way to monetize your website, whether you present your own items on eBay or others.

This free version of this plugin will redirect 50% of clicks to earn the developers commission, to cover support and maintenance of this plugin.


Fast eBay Listings has been maintained and supported since 2016 and has been kept up to date with the latest eBay API changes. You will be supported for many more years.

You can get support, help, or assistance in using Fast eBay Listings in a number of ways:

  1. Visit the plugin support forum on the site here
  2. Contact me directly via email here

I’ll endeavor to follow up as soon as I can and resolve any issues you’re having.


Utilize either easy-to-use Blocks in the Block Editor or visual editors for Classic Editor shortcodes, no need for you to type any shortcodes manually.

The key blocks / shortcodes you can add to your pages are:

eBay Search

Presents a list of eBay items, based on given search criteria. You can narrow down items to display by entering eBay search query, an eBay category, eBay seller(s) or min/max prices.

The display of the results can be tailored into a grid with dimensions of your choosing and optionally as a slideshow.

If any parameters are left blank, defaults from the plugin setting will be used.

eBay Item

Present details of a single eBay item listing. Simply enter the eBay item ID of the product.

eBay Image

Present just the image from a single eBay item listing. Similar to above, just enter the eBay item ID.


For reference, if you wish to manually enter shortcodes in the Classic Editor text view, you can find the syntax and details of shortcode parameters supported here.

Fixed Search Widget

This widget presents an eBay search similar to eBay Search shortcode and will show the results from a fixed eBay search query.

Dynamic Search Widget

This widget presents an eBay search similar to the Fixed Search Width widget, however, the search query is dynamically driven by the current page displayed. For pages and posts, either custom metadata can drive the query, or the title is used as the search query. Custom meta key you can use are: ‘ebay-query’, ‘ebay-category’, ‘ebay-seller’, ‘ebay-minprice’ and ‘ebay-maxprice’. When browsing categories or tags, the category or tag is used as the eBay query. As a fallback, a default query can be specified in the widget settings for other pages.

Use this widget to display eBay items related to the page visitors are reading. You can of course filter this by a given eBay category, seller, price, etc.

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