Extended Super Admins

Contributors cgrymala
Type Free
Current Version 0.7b
Last Updated 03 Sep, 2013
Released 03 Feb, 2011
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The way that WordPress roles and capabilities are set up, there is only level of Super Admin available. Without this plugin, the only way to grant a user control over certain aspects of the network, you have to grant that user control over all aspects.

This plugin allows you to revoke specific privileges from any Super Admin on the network. You can create new roles within the site, then assign any Super Admin to that role; effectively removing the appropriate privileges.

This plugin does not grant any new privileges (with the possible exception of the ability to manage the settings for this plugin itself) to any users. It is only capable of removing privileges.

This plugin is also built to be compatible with the WordPress Multi Network plugin and the Networks for WordPress plugin. If either of those plugins is active, the options for this plugin will be saved and used for all of the networks within the installation.

This plugin was developed by Curtiss Grymala for the University of Mary Washington. It is licensed under the GPL2, which basically means you can take it, break it and change it any way you want, as long as the original credit and license information remains somewhere in the package.

Important Notice

It is entirely possible that there could be serious bugs when used in different settings. At this time, I am seeking people to test the plugin, so please report any issues you encounter. Thank you.

Also, if you are updating from the original public alpha of this plugin, you will need to delete the old version before installing this version. The folder name changed from extended_super_admins in the initial release to extended-super-admins in newer versions.

If you downloaded and installed this plugin from the WordPress repository, you will not need to do so, as the folder name changed when adding this plugin to that repository.


  • This plugin requires WordPress. It might work with WordPressMU versions older than 3.0, but it has not been tested with those.

  • This plugin requires WordPress to be setup in Multi Site mode. It will not do anything at all if the Multi Site functions are not enabled.

  • This plugin also requires PHP5. Some attempt has been made to make it compatible with PHP4, but it has not been tested in that environment.

To Do

  • Make the Codex retrieval more efficient (find a better way to cache the information and a better way to compare it to Codex revisions)

  • Continue to improve the UI for the plugin to make it as user-friendly as possible

Known Issues

  • On occasion, the JavaScript in this plugin might cause CPU usage to spike and freeze the browser momentarily
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