Extended API over XMLRPC

Author Ian Gibbs
Contributors realflash
Type Free
Current Version 0.9.9
Last Updated 13 Jan, 2017
Released 07 Jul, 2016
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A WordPress plugin that allows access to the whole WP API via XML-RPC.

What does it do?

The full WP API is comprehensive, but most of it is only available to plugin code, not remotely. The official WP XML-RPC API is much smaller. This plugin opens up access to that full internal API remotely so that you can do whatever you want over XML-RPC.

Which methods does it allow me to call?

Anything in the WordPress Function Reference that your username has access to.

How do I use it?

First you should make sure that you have working code that can interact with the standard supported methods in the XML-RPC WordPress API. Once you do, you are ready to use this plugin. See also About WordPress XML-RPC Support.

Simply set the method name to wpext.callWpMethod, and then pass the WP API method name that you want to call as the first parameter, followed by any other parameters meeded by that method. Exactly how you do this depends upon the XML-RPC client library you are using in your code. So (for example), if you are currently using the XML-RPC API like this:

$xmlrpc_client->call('wp.getComment', 5);

then instead do this:

$xmlrpc_client->call('wpext.callWpMethod', 'wp_create_user', $new_username, $new_password, $new_email);


$xmlrpc_client->call('wpext.callWpMethod', 'wp_delete_user', $id_to_delete);

These examples are pseudo-code: they do not relate to a specific XML-RPC client.


There is only one, and that is the list of functions that should be allowed over XML-RPC. See Settings > Extended API in your dashboard to set it. To allow one additional function, simply set it to the name of that function:


To specify multiple functions, separate with commas:


To protect you from yourself, this setting comes with a dummy value that does not correspond to a real method. This is to force you to think about what methods you really need to enable. If you set this value to the empty string (blank), all methods are allowed.


There are good reasons why the XML-RPC API only has limited methods. Think carefully about whether this plugin is right for your situation, and only enable the methods you really need.

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