Sync WooCommerce Product feed to Google Shopping

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Released 04 Nov, 2016
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The Sync WooCommerce Products to Google Shopping creates and exports data feeds for Google Merchant. This merchant is the most beneficial among the Comparison Shopping Engines! Exporting your product feeds to Google Merchant properly means you are generating immense chances of sales and profitability for your business.

Product feeds generated by this plugin to export in Google Merchatn meets the product feed specifications. We can ensure this to you because we have researched a lot in this matter before developing this plugin. So go trouble free by grabbing the opportunity it provides!

If you want to edit the data feeds afterwards, you can easily do it in order to optimize your shopping feed. Also you have the option to automatically update your information in merchant sites with just a single click on this plugin! This way you will never misrepresent yourself and can gain the credibility of your customers.

Simple steps to start creating Google Product Feed

  • Schedule a time to automatically sync your product feeds.
  • Set a time to request merchants for feed and listing update.
  • Remove the chances of feed specifications errors by matching merchants’ feed import requirements.
  • Use advanced commands to optimize your product feeds while creating or exporting.
  • Map local categories to merchant product categories while creating feed for export.
  • Now go to Manage Feed tab to get your Google Feed URL

If you need to create your custom feeds, click on the Custom Feeds tab and follow these same simple steps, just apply the filters befor you map the WooCommerce category to Google Product category.

Match Google Product Feed Specification

This plugin will sync completely with your WooCommerce and WP-Ecommerce shops to grab the product data and create a feed file that matches your Google Merchant product feed specification. The only exception will occur when you haven’t entered the required product feed attributes on your WooCommerce store from where the plugin grabs product attribute.

  • No technical hassle
  • Get clear feed error reports
  • Take help from responsive support

Submit to Google & Sync your Products Automatically

With this plugin installed in your shop, you can submit your products to Google and schedule automatic updates so even if you forget to manage your feed operations, your product information on Google Merchant Center will be up to date and synced with your ecommerce shop.

  • After creating product feed, submit feed URL to Google to automatically fetch feeds
  • Sync product details changes to Google Shopping to improve your goodwill and ROI.

Create Customized Product Feeds

The professional version of this plugin offers you to create your customized data feed based on Price, SKU, Category and Keyword without any difficulty. You get to select products based on these; use advanced filter and create a customized feed for products based on one or all of these filters.

  • Customized product feed provides you flexibility to promote your desired specific products on Google Shopping.

Create Feeds Matching Google Product Category

Matching the local product category with merchant category has a huge impact on how your product is displayed on the shopping engine. This plugin will offer you the flexibility to match your local category to Google product category for individual products or for a list of products when you create your feed file.

  • WooCommerce product category and that accepted by google may not always match.
  • With this feed management solution, you can map categories in simple and easy steps.

No more confusing status reports

At times, creating and submiting product feeds to Google Merchants may get a bit complicated that it should. At such time, you will get the simplified error reports from us and if you contact our support team, we will be able to help you with the best solution to get rid of an avoid such google feed specification errors.

If you are looking to send your product feeds to a lot of merchants, ExportFeed has provided for that option too. You can find this plugin here. With this version of the plugin, you will be able to create feeds and manage your feed operations for over 40 merchant sites, shopping engines and comparison shopping engines such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, ShareaSale, Bing Ads etc.

Free Version — Includes all functionality – limited to 100 items per feed Free 7-Day Trial of the Pro Version — 7 days highly scalable to multiple Feeds. Self-assessment – Please review the qualification questions and the online instructions. Just Do It! — PRO Version – HIGHLY SCALABLE FOR FEEDS & MERCHANTS. Please fill out the qualification questions to help us help you. 40+ Merchants supported version also available READ OUR FAQ — Or Click on the LiveChat link!

“The plugin enabled us to very quickly get our products listed in the Google Merchant stores system, no fuss. We took advantage of their ‘Full Monthly’ program to get things done even quicker! With over a decade in our market – and very high end products – we do not tolerate any outages, missing products or data that is wrong…” Kevin P. – Webmaster –

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