Export WP Page to Static HTML/CSS

Author ReCorp
Contributors recorp
Type Free
Current Version 2.0.4
Last Updated 05 Dec, 2021
Released 02 Jun, 2020
Total Download 39,502
Active Install 4,000
Support 3 out of 3

Export WP page to static HTML/CSS plugin is s static html site or page generator thats help you to convert your wordpress site or pages to static html website and you can host it on your server, from a static html hosting provider or from a cdn.

It will magically improves your site performance and reduce any security risk because it removes database connection from your server.


  • Export html page in one click.
  • Lite weight version.
  • Easy layout.
  • Very easy to use.

Pro Features

  • Export full site as html with related pages linking
  • Make full offline site.
  • Export external url as html.
  • “Login as” feature. It will help you to extract pages with any user role view.
  • Export posts.
  • Export multiple posts or pages in same time.
  • Upload exported files to ftp server
  • Notification feature
  • Background task system. You will not have to stay on the settings page while exporting.
  • Export page or post automatically after publishing
  • …. and more

Premium version

You can buy the premium from here

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Step 1: Activate the plugin. Step2: Go to plugins settings page with: Dashboard > Settings > Export WP Pages to Static HTML/CSS Step3: Select a page which you want to export as html. Step4: Click on Export html button. Step5: After successfully loaded click on “Download the file” button.

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