Export customers list csv for WooCommerce, WordPress users csv, export Guest customer list

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Current Version 2.0.40
Last Updated 19 May, 2022
Released 07 May, 2019
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Export WooCommerce customers list or Export users with one click,

  • Download Complete customer list
  • Download customer list, by skipping rows from top
  • Limit the number of Customer list rows in the exported CSV
  • Modify the fields that you want in the generated CSV
  • You can save the field needed in CSV so you don’t have to do this again, and from next time onwards you can directly click download
  • Automate the whole customer list exporting process, and receive the customer list in your inbox
  • Set email id on which you want to receive the email
  • Export customer usermeta data

PRO Version

Here are the features of the PRO version of Export customer list:

Buy PRO version, Limited period offer

  • All the features of the FREE version
  • It allows you to download customer based on there registration dates
  • It allow you to give custom labels to the columns of the generated CSV
  • You can download users based on the registration date range
  • You can set frequency of the automated email, to be Hourly, Twice Daily, Daily, Weekly
  • The list that you will receive will contain only the user registered during this time period
  • You can download Guest customer data in separate CSV
  • You can filter out guest customer list based on there order status
  • You can filter out guest customer list based on there order placement date
  • Export users: You can download any other registered customer date by selecting there role, so now you cna download WooCommerce customer plugin normal WordPress user data as well
  • Download customer record based on the product they have purchased
  • You can make a condition of downloading Product Customer List of only those customer who purchased product A and product B together in single order
  • You can control the fields you want to download in Product Customer List record
  • You can restrict the Product Customer List by date of purchase or order status as well

  • This plugin can export custom data field stored in: User meta data, stored in xx_usermeta table Order meta data, stored in xx_postmeta table For Registered Customer: Plugin first tries to search for the custom field in user meta data and if it is not found there then it searches order meta data to find the value For Guest customer: It directly searches order meta for the custom field data

  • You can receive Registered customer, guest customer or both customer record in email attachment

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