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Exly WP is a powerful plugin that offers robust features and is fully-integrated with Exly’s Creator Tool, a thoughtfully-designed tool for creators and professionals that works as a “one-stop solution to simplify and grow your business.”

For a creator who wants to grow and manage their business efficiently, the Exly plugin is the ultimate choice. Not only does it help automate your workflows and analytics, but it also captures and converts more leads with the marketing suites.

Why is Exly WP the best business plugin to grow your business?

Manage & sell your offerings With just a few clicks, you can schedule weekly, monthly, or custom subscriptions in a hassle-free manner. It helps you avoid the constant back and forth calling with your clients and also helps sync your calendar efficiently.

Automate communication with your clients Automatically send session reminders, invoices, booking confirmations, etc., via emails and WhatsApp.

Advanced lead capturing & conversion Capture leads efficiently at different stages and prioritize reach out or the next steps based on their intent.

Make smart business decisions Use an insightful dashboard to track views, leads, and payments, and use the data to analyze what works best for your business.

Built-in tools and popular integrations helps you efficiently manage your business operations. A lot of services are free to use. You can make multiple offerings live on your website and sell your product/services to your clients.

Choose your preferred webpage template From a curated list of eight webpage templates, you can select your preferred template to create a professional-looking website. Even with no prior design and tech knowledge, you can complete this process within a few minutes. All you need to do is fill up the required details.

Choose the offering you want to sell You can choose to sell a variety of offerings ranging from one-on-one appointments, recorded content, workshops, classes, etc. You can publish these offerings on your webpage and sell them to your clients just like a professional. The process of creating an offering is just as easy.

Market your offerings Reach a large audience by marketing your offerings using a variety of marketing features like WhatsApp Broadcast, Custom Emails, Discount Codes, and Traffic Analysis, along with multiple integrations that also help your business grow.

GROW YOUR BUSINESS, ADD FEATURES, AND MONITOR IT GROW ON THE GO Exly can mean different things for different people – excellently, expertly, etc. – but its vision is to help you simplify and grow your business. By keeping tabs on statistic data of the performance metrics on your powerful, customizable central dashboard, you can keep track of your growing business.

Expand your customer base and reach a large audience across marketing and social channels with sales and marketing features.

Manage your business from anywhere in the world. All you need is good internet connectivity (Android and iOS).


Creators can use ExlyApp to create, customize, and scale their businesses to meet a client’s exact specifications by delivering the perfect content they need.

Supported by a dedicated development and product team, the core platform rigorously tested and often. The comprehensive documentation with each release empowers you to build the business of your dreams.

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