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Last Updated 21 Jun, 2022
Released 21 Jun, 2022
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Exclusive Blocks is here to add extra bandwidth to the Gutenberg editor with a set of handy and powerful blocks. It opens a great opportunity for you to create sophisticated websites in WordPress.

The last couple of WordPress updates clearly indicate that block editor is going to be the future of WordPress site editing. Keeping that in mind, the Exclusive Blocks Gutenberg plugin is developed with the aim to serve you the ultimate experience with Gutenberg WordPress blocks.

Sitting in the class of best Gutenberg blocks plugins, Exclusive Blocks puts the control in your hand to design websites the way you like. It extends the flexibility, adds functionality, and provides a great bunch of options to the large WordPress community.

The developers of Exclusive Addons, with all their previous experiences, have made the Exclusive Blocks plugin well-optimized and lightweight. Therefore, you don’t face any trouble maintaining your site speed up to the mark.

The Exclusive Blocks is packed with a bunch of essential functionalities and customization features that make the Gutenberg more user-friendly for the mass.

List of Exclusive Blocks for WordPress:

The Exclusive Blocks includes the following blocks for the Gutenberg WordPress block editor:

  1. [Accordion] – A stylish expandable accordion block makes the web design look clean and minimalistic while containing ample information in it.
  2. [Button] – Create user engaging button on WordPress block editor in the easiest way. The Button block can help you get a higher conversion on your website.
  3. [Grid] – Customize the column layout to your convenience. Use the Grid block to customize column attributes like width and position to create a column-based grid layout.
  4. [Heading] – The first element to grab user attention. Create attractive and explicit heading styles with the Heading blocks and grab attention at first sight.
  5. [Image Slider] – Design trendy websites with the image slider. Image in a slider gives your website a modern look and also makes it interactive for users.
  6. [Info Box] – Create versatile styles with a sophisticated info box. The block gives a creative way to highlight information on your website.
  7. [Post Grid] – Show the posts on your website in an organized way using the Grid block. Posts in a grid view are easy to navigate, which improves the user experience.
  8. [Tabs] – Tab block makes your web design minimal and efficient. You can put content into different tabs and the tabs are only visible when visitors open them.

More advanced blocks are in the making to give you an exciting WordPress site-building experience.

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