RSS Feed Reader by Enebrus Kem Lem

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Current Version 1.0.7
Last Updated 01 Apr, 2020
Released 08 Jan, 2020
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RSS Feed Reader by Enebrus Kem Lem allows you to automatically publish content in your site from external RSS feeds.

This plugin publish each feed entry summary in your site and keeps the link to the original site because as it is not your post then is necessary to give credits to who made it.

We offers the following features:

  • Create many RSS Feed sources as needed.
  • Schedule the RSS feed update frequency.
  • Extract feed post pictures using tag index or xpath.
  • Allow to set the tag attribute where picture URL is.
  • Use whole attribute content or regular expressions to extract the picture URL.
  • Fetch RSS feed data when save if necessary.

To use this plugin it is necessary to have some knowledge about HTML, XPath and regular expressions. But don not worry, if you need help ask us and we will help you.

Upcoming changes

Awesome! there are changes coming soon:

  • Allow categorize RSS Items.
  • Check multiple attributes to get post picture source.

Changes can come from our internal team or from plugin users requests.

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