Qualified Electronic Signatures by eID Easy

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Current Version 3.1.1
Last Updated 22 Feb, 2022
Released 19 Feb, 2021
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This plugin will help you add qualified signatures to the PDF files created from the Contact From 7 responses.

Feature requests and questions to: support@eideasy.com

It is using service and API-s from https://eideasy.com. To activate the signing service is needed to create user account and copy credentials from there into the plugin configuration.

  1. After the CF7 form is submitted then eID Easy hooks into the process, takes the generated PDF and prepares it for signing.
  2. After submission user is redirected to the electronic signature creation page.
  3. After user has created electronic signature he is redirected back to the page specified in the configuration
  4. New pending contract is created in the admin where service provider can add its signature
  5. Once both sides have signed then created .asice container will be sent to both sides e-mail

Installing and requirements

  1. Contact Form 7 or Fluent Forms must be installed
  2. If Contact Form 7 is used then it must have addon that will create PDF from the form fields. For example “PDF Forms Filler for Contact Form 7” or “Send PDF for Contact Form 7”.
  3. If Fluent Forms in used then make sure e-mail with PDF attachment notifications is configured. Use “Fluent Forms PDF Generator” plugin. You might need to download fonts for the plugin.
  4. Account must be created at https://eideasy.com
  5. This plugin will take first PDF attachment from the e-mail and start signing that.
  6. If the signature view will not be shown then make sure that the notification e-mail has PDF attached, otherwise there is nothing to sign.

Usage instructions

  1. Copy and paste CF7 form ID-s to configuration where attachments will be signed
  2. Configure other checkboxes and fields in the admin page. Follow help texts.

eID Easy terms and conditions can be found here https://eideasy.com/terms-of-service/, privacy policy here https://eideasy.com/privacy-policy/

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