Open edX LMS and WordPress integrator (LITE)

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Current Version 2.6.1
Last Updated 26 Nov, 2020
Released 18 Apr, 2018
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This plugin helps you set up your WordPress site as the front-end site or marketing site for your online learning initiative powered by the Open edX platform.

The idea behind this integration is to use the greater flexibility of WordPress for the content management pages and leave the open edX only to be used once the user logs in to visit his dashboard or courses.

In these integrations, WordPress will typically be used for:

  • The site’s the homepage
  • The course catalog page
  • The pages that describe each of the courses
  • Any additional static pages that the initiative requires

This plugin is made available by eduNEXT, a world class open edX services provider. The plugin is initially tuned to work against an open edX site provided by eduNEXT, but it can also be used to integrate WordPress and any Open edX site.

The integration between open edX and WordPress currently works at 3 different places:

1) In the wordpress navigation menu. By adding a menu to your WordPress site that allows users to log in / register to the Open edX site. Once the user has logged in, this menu becomes aware of the session and transforms to a user menu with all the options the Open edX user menu has.

2) At the page / post content level to link posts with courses. By adding a Course button to a particular page or post, it can be used as a course description page, where all the information of the course can be stored and from which the user can access their courses based on the course settings and the learner state. This button is added using a shortcode, and it takes care of rendering the correct action depending on the configuration that the course has for that particular user on the Open edX site.

3) At the static pages level. Open edX includes some static pages for things like the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Honor coude and others, but it has very little capabilities for managing these web contents. The integration allows to host this content directly in wordpress and make sure that the traffic going to each of these static destinations reaches the right page.

Some additional integrations are currently under development. If you require a different kind of integration, or professional services to optimize your Open edX platform, contact eduNEXT at


  • English – default, always included

Note: All the strings in this plugins are localized / translateable by default. In case you need assistance with a particular localization issue, or want to contribute with one traslation, please reach out to eduNEXT (

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