Easy Populate Posts

Author Iulia Cazan
Contributors iulia-cazan
Type Free
Current Version 3.9.0
Last Updated 05 Jan, 2022
Released 20 Oct, 2015
Total Download 15,076
Active Install 700
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Populate the sites with random content (configurable type, with tags, meta, terms, images, publish date, status, parent, sticky flag).


admin_menu, register_activation_hook, register_deactivation_hook


This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Version history

3.9.0 – Added patterns and hints, updated post types selectable list, fixed the settings not saving all the terms options 3.8.0 – Tested up to 5.8.2, filters for meta, new option to increase/decrease the number of taxonomies and meta options, new option to reuse images from the media library, new option to add random terms, fixed the uncategorized term 3.7.1 – Fixed random status generator, better trim, new screenshot 3.7.0 – Tested up to 5.8, UI updates, new option for generating Gutenberg blocks and use drop cap, new image samples, fix multiple sample images on Safari 3.6.1 – Fix extra comma 3.6 – Tested up to 5.6, coding standards updates 3.5.2 – Tested up to 5.5, icon update 3.5.1 – expose the registered post meta including the ACF fields, support for serialized post meta values 3.5 – Tested up to 5.4 version, auto-increment numeric prefix, date input, fix layout on small resolution, new sample images 3.4 – Tested up to 5.2.2 version, removed unusable post types, two more post meta options, the option to specify taxonomy terms by names (will be generated if not found), new options grouping, status hints, translation added, new assets samples 3.3 – Tested up to 5.2.1 version, new assets samples 3.2 – Tested up to 4.9.8 version, excerpts 3.1 – Tested up to 4.8 version, tags and image preview 3.0 – Tested up to 4.8 version, cleanup the content generated when the plugin is deactivated (this will work for new content) 2.0 – Post parent option, specific date, specific status 1.0 – Initial version.

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