Easy Plugin Demo Builder

Author Mike Howard
Contributors mikeyhoward1977
Type Free
Current Version 1.3.13
Last Updated 26 Jan, 2021
Released 16 Aug, 2018
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With Easy Plugin Demo (EPD), showcasing your plugins, themes, and content has never been easier!

EPD requires that you are running a WordPress multisite instance

EPD enables you to automate the process of creating sandbox demo environments for customers who wish to try your product(s) before they download or buy. With EPD you can increase your customers and your sales.

Once you’ve added the [epd_register] shortcode to a page, users simply enter their details into the registration form and a new demo site is created just for them in a matter of seconds. All configured with the options you define. You choose the plugins, themes, posts, pages and settings and Easy Plugin Demo takes care of the rest.

Each demo site is automatically deleted, together with all its custom content and user accounts once the lifetime you set, has passed.

You can add further customizations via the plugin settings page such as:

  • Select the name for each new demo site created
  • Choose which theme should be activated for the new site by default
  • Choose which additional theme(s) can be activated within new demo sites
  • Select which plugins should be activated for the new demo site
  • Specify the maximum number of sites a single user can register at any given time
  • Choose where to direct the user upon successful registration
  • Require users to activate their demo’s to validate their email address
  • Automatically delete a site after a given period
  • Define a custom welcome panel message to be displayed on new sites
  • Send a customized email message to the user once their registration completes
  • Duplicate posts from the primary blog to the newly created demo site (3 posts per post type unless the Premium extension is installed)

The Easy Plugin Demo Premium Pack extension unlocks a host of additional features including;

  • Cloning of a master site for all new demo sites
  • Demo Templates enable you to create multiple demo configurations which users can select
  • Duplication of posts from any post type
  • Duplicate an unlimited number of posts
  • Include taxonomies and terms as part of post duplication
  • Include post attachments (media) as part of the post duplication
  • Include post comments as part of the post duplication
  • Define author for replicated posts
  • Clone database tables, including custom ones
  • Choose to automatically add users to new sites and their roles
  • Zapier integration to integrate Easy Plugin Demo with other a thousand third party applications
  • MailChimp integration
  • Schedule notices and provide information to users, or upsell your product(s)

We’ve also included a number of hooks and filters for further customizations by developers.

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Check out Easy Plugin Demo for yourself! Our demo site provides a number of demos to give you an idea of how powerful Easy Plugin Demo is https://demos.easy-plugin-demo.com/.


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