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Dyslexie Font plugin enhances readability and UX for dyslectics

Communicate effectively to your entire target audience and optimize the user experience for each individual visitor. With the Dyslexie Font plugin you allow visitors to convert your website copy into the Dyslexie Font typeface, specially designed to enhance the ease of reading for dyslectics (5-10% of the population). The plugin also allows them to change the color and the font size. Basically, all that is needed to effortlessly read, use and enjoy your website.

Reach a bigger audience 70% to 80% of the population is being challenged by poor reading skills. 15% to 20% of the population deals with a language-based learning disability, Dyslexia being the most common one. This means that for a significant part of the population website copy in a standard font and layout is difficult to comprehend. By using the Dyslexie Font plugin you help your audience to read with more ease, showing that you care. In addition, it enables you to effectively cross your message to a bigger audience, helping you to increase your conversion rate and general results.

Dyslexia Font WordPress plugin features – A free plugin to enhance the readability of your website for people with Dyslexia. – The subtle Dyslexie Font icon allows a visitor to open a small customization tool by clicking on the icon – The tool enables the visitor to convert the website copy into the Dyslexie Font typeface and to change the font color and font size – To change the copy back into its original layout, actions can simply be undone

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