Dynamic Cart Messages for WooCommerce

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Dynamic Cart Messages allows you to boost your sales on your WooCommerce site by allowing you to show tailored messages on the cart page to incentivize your customers to add more quantity or amount in cart for your preferred products or product categories.

  • Allows you to show messages based on 3 different types of rules – Simple, Price based, or Quantity based.
  • These messages can be set for a particular product, product category, or all products.
  • Allows you to set specific thresholds for price and quantity to incentivize customers to add a certain price amount/quantity to the cart to avail discount.
  • Once the customer adds a product to the cart which qualifies the defined criteria for a message, depending on the rule type (price /quantity) customers will be able to see how much amount/quantity they need to add to cart to avail the offer set by you.
  • The message can be shown to users on Cart Page, Checkout Page & Product Page
  • Allows you to set an expiry date for the message
  • Allows you to add a URL next to the offers that explains the terms & conditions of the offer.

Perfect for store owners who want to –

  • Show free shipping based on cart value like Amazon. E.g. “Add $50 of eligible items to your order to qualify for Free Delivery”.
  • Incentivise customers to add more quantity to cart of a particular product or products of a particular category to buy ‘X’ items. E.g “Buy 5 more to get a discount of 10%. Use Coupon FLAT10 at checkout”.
  • Incentivize customers to buy a certain amount value of a particular product or particular category E.g “Buy $10 worth of more T-shirts to be eligible for 5% cashback”.
  • Also the message will change based on the condition set and threshold value reached.

Fast and Easy Easy to set conditions for the messages quickly in minutes

Conditionally Dynamic The message changes automatically based on the specific amount/quantity set for the product/product category that customers need to add instead of showing a plain static message which drives them to buy more.

“Add $10 of products to your cart to avail free shipping” is more personalized, appealing, and convincing than a plain static message like “Free shipping on all orders above $100”.

Boost Sales By seeing messages, customers are tempted to buy more and thus it boosts sales. Also, you can increase the average order value by notifying customers about the amount to spend to get free shipping or a discount.

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