DTDC Econnect Plugin

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Current Version 1.0.10
Last Updated 16 May, 2022
Released 17 Jun, 2021
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Bringing your own business to the e-commerce market can be difficult, especially when you are not familiar with the internet as others, especially since competition in the online market is quite high. You may need help to be able to manage your own e-commerce business. You need to be able to understand the marketing strategies that you would need to employ so that you can compete with other brands and businesses.

Features of DTDC Econnect WordPress Plugin ● Easy to install and configure. ● On single click customer shipping form auto fill ● Better GUI to represent the pick-point detail in pop up with full address ● Customer save their time to finding the One Page checkout process ● Customer can Cancel there Shipment at any time( Before booking as well as before OFD) ● Customer can set the shipping charges according to there need ● Customer can generate shipping label for there shipment and print and stick to there packages with bar-codes. ● Customer can generate invoice for there shipment and print and insert it to there packages with bar- codes. ● Customer will get email Notification for there placed order with order/invoice number. ● Customer can track their orders on frontend by login with their email id which provide securities to their shipment. ● All the integrated web service will work on HTTPS ssl 128 bit encryption so there will be no data loss or information theft\\leakage to other parties. ● Customer\\’s can generate the AWB number via API ( Automatic AWB generation) or they can select the AWB number manually from their side by uploading the virtual series from backend.

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