Elementor Ico Iconfont Library

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Last Updated 19 Mar, 2021
Released 16 Jun, 2020
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We offer you a simple and super lightweight plugin packed with thousands of awesome icons. It gives you the easiest way to add the extensive Icofont Library to your WordPress website! Get this WordPress icon library plugin now and find all the awesome Icofont icons within Elementor's Icon Control Panel. Enjoy extensive sets of beautiful icons that are easy to use and easy to customize.

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Our plugin gives you the easiest way to use the Icofont icon library for Elementor. Just install and activate this free plugin. That's all you need to do. When you want to use an Icofont icon, you will find it within Elementor's icon control panel > Icon Library > My Libraries. You can use all these icons like the default Elementor icons.

Use these icons anywhere on your website to highlight your content. Our plugin’s Elementor icon library has modern and lightweight icons suitable for many professional niches. Whatever your requirement, you'd find appropriate icons in our icon library for Elementor.

Adorn your Elementor website with cool icons. Elementor Ico Icofont Library free plugin is here to provide you all the icons you need!


Free WordPress Icons Plugin that works with all themes This free icon plugin can work with all WordPress themes compatible with the latest versions of WordPress. Just install it like any other plugin and start using fabulous icons on your Elementor website.   It is a free Elementor Icon Library plugin and always will be! All the beautiful icons of this icon library for Elementor are available to you for free! Yes, you got that right. This Elementor icons plugin is absolutely free. There are no hidden costs to it. Use it risk-free to add as many icons as you want to your WordPress website.   This free icons plugin is regularly updated We are committed to keeping the plugin free of all vulnerabilities. That's why the Elementor Ico Icofont Library Plugin, like all our other plugins, receives regular updates. We will keep it updated according to the requirements of all future WordPress & Elementor versions.   We are here to support you! Elementor Ico Icofont Library Plugin is a very simple and easy-to-use plugin. Its sole purpose is to give you an additional icon library for Elementor. However, if you run into some trouble, we are always here to help you.

When you use our plugins, we consider it our responsibility to offer timely support to you. All our plugins are built to deliver hassle-free performance. Still, if you run into any trouble with our free icons plugin, you can reach out to us any time. We will help you as soon as possible.


1.Get over 2100 additional icons for your Elementor website. 2.Find the icon you need easily and quickly. 3.Easily add any icon anywhere you want on your website. 4.Customize the icons from within the Elementor icon control panel. 5.Make the icons match your website's theme colors.


Thousands of Icons: Our lightweight plugin provides you 2100+ extra icons within the Elementor icon control panel. With this extensive icon library for Elementor installed on your website, you will never need to search the web for an icon ever again!   Simple, No Frills Plugin: This Elementor icon library plugin is very simple. It gives you thousands of free icons. That is its only purpose. We deliberately kept it simple and didn't attach any additional gimmicky features to it. Your website's speed is important. We would never want any of our plugins to affect it adversely. That is why we have kept this WordPress icon library plugin simple. This free plugin will give you loads of goodness without weighing down your website.   Easy to Use: Elementor Ico Icofont Library plugin is super easy to use. Just install and activate it on your WordPress website. That is all you need to do to use it. When it is active on your website, you can use this Icofont library's icons as easily as other icons in the default Elementor icon library. Just use Elementor's Icon widget. When the icon control panel opens up, click on Icon Library and then go to My Libraries. Here you will find all the Icofont categories listed neatly. Just select the relevant category and choose the icon you want. Using this plugin is really as easy as that.   Easy to Customize: All the Icofont icons that our plugin provides you are fully customizable. You can customize them in the same way you customize the icons in the Elementor icon library. Change their color, size, and alignment. Rotate them, animate them, adjust their margins or padding, and give them custom backgrounds. You have total freedom to customize these icons as you wish.   Lightweight: We will never tire of saying this. Our WordPress icon library plugin is super lightweight! It will not affect the speed of your website at all.   Many Categories: All the icons that our WordPress icon library plugin provides are neatly organized in different categories. This precise organization makes it easy for you to find the necessary icons. You can select a relevant category and find the icon. You can also directly search for the icon.

Our Elementor icon library plugin provides you uniquely designed icons in the following categories:

  1. Web App
  2. Brand
  3. Directional
  4. Social
  5. Animal
  6. Currency
  7. Food
  8. Mobile UI
  9. Sport
  10. Weather
  11. Construction
  12. Medical
  13. Transport
  14. Device
  15. Payment
  16. Mathematical
  17. Text Editor
  18. Abstract
  19. File Type
  20. Education
  21. Law
  22. Person
  23. Multimedia
  24. Business
  25. Emoticon
  26. Kids
  27. Travel
  28. Chart
  29. Search
  30. Fitness


Please note that this free icon library plugin requires the Elementor Page Builder to be installed and active. Elementor is a free plugin. You can get it from HERE.


  • Simple, easy to use
  • Free Elementor icon library download
  • Over 2100 free icons for you
  • All the icons get automatically added to Elementor's icon control panel
  • All icons are neatly listed in categories
  • You can find your desired icons easily
  • Use any icon anywhere on your Elementor website
  • All icons are easy to customize.
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