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URL parameters are tags that are added to the end of your URL, usually for tracking purposes or for dynamic content insertion. The most known type of URL parameters is UTM parameters, used by Google and Facebook ad links, in order to find out more about how your visitors interact with your ad.

With our Dynamic Text Replacement shortcode, you can access URL parameters in the Query String of the URL and display it on your pages, post or even use it to pre-fill forms.

Works with ACF, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer (WPBakery Page Builder) etc

Use case 1 – using URL parameters in the copy of your page

You can do this if you want to use URL parameters on your page to dynamically display things like location or someone’s name if you already have that information.

Make sure the page’s URL includes the parameters you want to use, such as https://mylandingpage.domain.com/?location=Sydney&name=Chris

Then you can write the copy of any text element on the page to include those parameters, such as “Hello [URLParam param=’name’]! Welcome to [URLParam param=’location’]!”

This example would display as “Hello Hannes! Welcome to Sydney!”

Displaying GET parameters directly

 [URLParam param='paramname']

Shows the value of GET named paramname (‘Hannes’ in the example URL), or “blank value” if none given.

 Hello Hannes!

Shows the value of GET named paramname, or empty space if none

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