Display Category Posts Via Shortcode Lite

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Last Updated 28 Aug, 2015
Released 04 Feb, 2015
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Displays posts with their featured images from a specified category in a responsive grid using a simple shortcode.

Easily show and display posts from specific categories using a simple shortcode.

After installation simply go to Settings > DCP Lite to find the plugins page with the shortcode options.

If you require more features, there is also a premium version of this plugin, Display Category Posts Via Shortcode Pro.

You can see the extra features it offers on the Settings > DCP Lite page.

Some of those features are:

  • Pagination
  • Ability to add character limit to your posts which automatically adds the “read more” link at that point, instead of adding the “read more” break yourself to each and every post.
  • Ordering of the posts
  • How many posts to show in a row (2,3 or 4)
  • Ability to turn post titles into links
  • Ability to turn posts’ featured images into links
  • Show date
  • Add “load all” ajax button which loads all the posts at once
  • Fetch posts from multiple categories
  • Fetch specific posts regardless of their categories

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