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Last Updated 14 Jul, 2022
Released 28 Jun, 2022
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The Cuboh Storefront is a free-to-try, no-hassle tool to get online ordering set up on your restaurant’s website in a manner of minutes.

This means you can:

  1. Allow customers to order directly from your restaurant’s website for pickup, eliminating the need for phone orders or third-party apps.
  2. Process payments with minimal fees. The only fee you’ll incur is a small (usually 2-3%) transaction fee through Stripe. Stripe processes all fees from online ordering. A 5% platform fee will be charged to the customer placing the order on your site.
  3. Enjoy no-commission orders through the Cuboh Storefront. Don’t like third-party fees on your sales? Cuboh Storefront saves your wallet from unwanted tacked-on costs.
  4. Get help setting up the ordering link for your website. After that, all you have to do is sign up for a Stripe account to process payments.
  5. Duplicate your existing menu from a pre-existing POS or delivery app – no wasted time recreating (or re-recreating, and so on) menus. It’s as simple as importing a menu – and there’s loads of support for those in need.

It may already be apparent to some, but the Cuboh Storefront is a straightforward tool with a swathe of excellent features on offer.

Why Should I Use The Cuboh Storefront? The Cuboh Storefront lets you process payments like a twenty-first century restaurant. But several other services out there boast the same thing; so what sets the Cuboh Storefront apart?

We don’t charge excess fees, we offer boatloads of support, and have a variety of other helpful tools that integrate seamlessly with the Storefront.

This plugin adds a customizable button to take customers directly to your Cuboh Storefront.

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